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Big Borage

Big Borage

Borage flowers are so very tiny, what a pleasure to witness them so closely. I hope you look at things around you just as closely. I love teaching others how to connect with & see natures signs, the ‘magiya’ or medicines laid out specifically for you on YOUR path. Every day when we walk outside, when we look out the window, or even in meditation, every direction holds a guided tour into our own understanding of the directions that make up our personal circle of experience, medicines, and gifts.

The physical direction the medicines sit in for us specifically, in reference to our personal stance indicate where on our path those medicines apply. The reason I teach this way, is so people LEARN to look INSIDE for the answers, not outside of themselves in terms of through another opinion. This gives credit to the creator within, the one in CHARGE of the experience. Our society has taught us that power is something we find outside of self; It is someone or something else that holds the key to our personal understanding, and this is So far from truth.

Our ‘signs’ are so blatantly in front of us, the stark light blinds many into not seeing the lesson there. Humans often distract by living vicariously through others, by offering advice when not not needed, OR soliciting information that draws another away from their own center. Our divinity as humans has been lost through segregative thinking, a product of our control based leadership/media. You may be swaying in the wind with many a flower, but you are drawing nutrients from your own stem.

Borage emerge in volume, as many witness a collective presence emulate all easily resembling each other, together tiny and unassuming. With different LENSES we SEE the uniqueness of the individual flower, the beauty each one holds. Regardless of the small (yet beautiful) perception of these flowers by some, they have yet to discover the massive expanse of their universe. That very collective sense IS the flower, even as it stands alone.

HOWEVER a large flower that stands alone, could never know the expanded energetics of collective vibration. We think the larger flower more energetically expansive because of it’s size, but this is’nt always the case. BE the FLOWER that dances in the breeze to your own beat, and in your own size. IN knowing other flowers are there with you, together you co-create a swirling visual symphony, swaying in many directions simultaneously.

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


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