Art in PhotoNoetic Parallel 🌙 old country Belarus majiya 🌠 Songs & Rhyme


taken bY spell~Fialka

1 1ab

Fialka GODDESS of Alchemy & Conjuration forever young
Defies laws of spacetime spherical notes roll of her tongue
Citing incantations of violet flame to rearrange the hearts
And minds of those taken by spell & the initiation starts

In her millions of years on planet earth’s dimensions
She’s met with many human mind innate apprehensions
About how easy it is to rise & ascend to a higher vibration
How all people bestow a personal & deep CENTERED incantation

SO DRINK a spell or two in honor of her Belarusian lineage
As spirits invoking energy & creative love certain to engage
ALL in WHITE LIGHT/ VIOLET FLAME healing from above
reJOYce CELEBRATE! as your JOY is Fialka’s BIG LOVE!

Rainbow Lightning Woman

2013 © Dreamlodge Productions


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