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The willingness to SEE & experience beauty and life around you, emanates from the heart. That electromagnetic pulsating force in the center of your universe, is a powerful tool in synergy with our chosen thoughts. When you look around you, what do YOU SEE? WHAT do you get lost in? I photographed this today, over someone complaining about there being no where to sit & eat lunch. Their contrast had me observe my own stillness in my centeredness, the place in my consciousness, so transfixed on the grace of these flowers. I was lost in the moment from illusions grip on what we think reality IS. I also realized I could easily learn TWO good things from this, from what I may view as contrasts or distractions to the purity of MY moment. For one, I can conceive my own reflection of being a contrast on occasion, and vow to let it go it based on this awareness of it. For two, I can look once and for all, and SEE I am still judging & Adding MORE to that simple grace of the moment, by even utilizing it for teaching by thinking it away. It IS at that point where I dont mind that it matters anymore; That moment is gone, another useless layer of illusion transmuted by the powerful SUNS photons. However those flowers are still standing, proudly in volition of their truth, that of being pure, beautiful, matter without having any mind at all.

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One response

  1. Desiree

    I totally agree with you! There are times that what you write is EXACTLY what I need to hear. hank you so very much!

    August 22, 2013 at 11:42 am

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