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times little sands

times little sands

Many Phantoms quantify alternate realities abound
Quartz in my hand minerals laid out all around
Inspiring geometrical grid of power & LIGHT
Invoking deep resonations infectious delight

Crystal armor from nightmares bad dreams
Veil of defense fragments holographic scenes
Energies streaming matter consciousness defined
By a psychic imprint left behind within eyes that mind

Quartz I feel your pulse I AM your latent power
You have something to offer for all to unflower
When I need a friend Citrine my soul mate
When self discipline Amethyst I will relate

Record keeper keep staging keys of wisdom
All divine secrets from all entwined kingdoms
The time has arrived for unearthing of this gift
NOW is it’s juncture for peoples energy uplift

Amplify your LOVE and most JOY of all
2013 is the year crystals come to call…

The ascended souls find these treasures in their hands
Those who fathom vibrational highs with times little sands

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


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