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‘Magiya’ of the Evergreens

'Magiya' of the Evergreens

❝Messages from nature spirits are not difficult to discern, when we allow our consciousness to emerge from our center. When we center, we align with a pure, centered vibration. In that pure stance we allow momentary flow, as opposed to forcing ideas with our ego, as the latter is always based on control. I was energetically pulled into a circle of Evergreens, walking through some flora the other day. Ones of Cedar, Pine, Juniper, & Spruce spoke to me on a deep, beyond cellar level. Many were dripping with sap, fragrant and crystalline. They offered solace by asking me to experience the sap, which is a sticky, protective expression from the evergreens. I was told that this circle of healers was here to help people, by allowing a protective space in which to bring old emotional layers no longer needed. The unique ability of the Evergreens, is they EXCHANGE our no longer needed vibrational memories for centeredness & PEACE. Their medicines have to do with exchange on a level other trees do not illicit, as all flora have specific duties in the vast expanse of our spirit world. The evergreens are able to take our negativity, just like trees take our C02 emissions, and transmute our lifes painful memories, just as other trees turns C02 into oxygen. They asked me to sit for awhile, and meditate on them. What I felt & experienced was a soul washing, and the ‘tears’ this tree shed, was literally an offering, as many humans often leave tears with trees, unknowing that the tree will transmute this negative energy. The circle of green workers assured me that the tears they express today, are giving NEW, from old pain transmuted. They told me to take the sap, rub it into a Juniper branch and witness how sticky it is. I got the point immediately, as the crystalline glow of fresh flora tears, expresses relief from spirits past. It was a pleasure to experience the SUN cast it’s light through the drops, offering a promise of new LIGHT adhering, with every new tomorrow.❞

Rainbow Lightning Woman©


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